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Advanced Value Stream Design Workshop

In Partnership with Duggan Associates

16th & 17th October 2024

Manufacturers Network - 1 Adbaston Road, Cobra Court, Trafford Park, Manchester, M32 OTP, UK


Say goodbye to manual scheduling and embrace standard work for tackling abnormal flow

Most businesses producing a high mix of parts are constantly firefighting as today’s mix exceeds their capability. This leads to management constantly intervening and scheduling every process in the value stream, leading to more chaos.

Our workshop will teach you how to clearly define your value stream capability in terms of mix and volume and how to apply design guidelines to establish a normal flow capable of handling any situation within that value stream.

Once “normal” has been defined, delegates will learn to design standard work for abnormal flow and be able to create an operation with day-to-day variations in mix and volume that don’t lead to management intervention and firefighting.

This is based on clearly defined design guidelines, which can be repeated throughout the operation. There is no need for endless brainstorming and debate; just apply the guidelines and the simple math that drives them to generate the best possible flow for your operation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to master these techniques and unlock your operations' true potential. Enrol now to start your journey toward achieving sustainable success.

Does your operation struggle with a complex mix of product?

Is achieving a TRUE lean flow that can handle hundreds or thousands of part numbers a challenge? We can help.

If you’re having trouble achieving continuous flow or connecting all processes in a flow to create an end-to-end value stream, Don’t worry, this advanced Value Stream Design Workshop can help.

In collaboration with Duggan Associates, this two-day workshop offers a comprehensive start-to-finish view of Advanced Value Stream design. Learn to design a lean flow for a complex mix of products, even when you’re dealing with shared resources. The design process is repeatable while handling variations in product mix and unpredictable demand. Whether you’re stuck in planning, implementation, or somewhere in between, this workshop will teach you how to create a management-free lean flow in a non-repetitive operation.

Get expert training on how to

  • Create a lean flow with a high mix of part numbers and/or unpredictable demand.

  • Establish a true lean Pacemaker and calculate the Interval for your mix of part numbers.

  • Eliminate the need to schedule every process and shift to a single point of scheduling.

  • Create binary lean connections using advanced FIFO techniques – Reduce dependence on Supermarkets

  • Extend this flow into Shared Resources – i.e. into areas in which you cannot dedicate equipment to particular parts or value streams

  • Create a management-free flow of products to the customer

It is...

It is not...

  • High-quality technical education

  • Immediately applicable and useful within your business

  • A deep dive into the most technical value stream design concepts

  • Solving a technical lean problem that most organisations struggle with and are yet to solve

  • Effective without the need to adopt a new approach or philosophy to continuous improvement

  • A forum with a broad collection of speakers

  • A vast array of short sessions which only provide surface-level knowledge 

  • A networking event, although you will certainly speak with other attendees 

  • A sponsored event. Nobody is paying to speak; there is no additional messaging being directed at you

  • About staying up to date on lean or operational excellence 


Day One - 

Creating Mixed Model Value Streams

Day Two - 

Creating Flow through Shared Resources 

  • Determining true product families

  • Creating continuous flow in a mixed-model environment

  • Calculating takt time for a mix of products

  • Machine Loading and EPEI for equipment

  • Balancing labor for a mix of products

  • Creating standard work for a mix of products with varying cycle times

  • Setting up first-in/first-out (FIFO) lanes

  • Developing pitch and scheduling the pacemaker

  • Determining process families when looking at upstream processes

  • Dedicating parts to shared resources.

  • Setting intervals (EPEI) for shared resources

  • Calculating branch takt time and average weighted cycle time

  • Using multiple FIFO lane systems to create flow through shared resources.

  • Dealing with rework

  • Creating flight schedules to handle batch processes.

  • Scheduling and sequencing upstream resources.

  • Managing the flow through a shared resource

The Facilitator

Mike Maxon Director.jpeg

Mike Maxon - Director EMEA, Duggan Associates 

Michael Maxon has spent most of his career successfully improving international businesses. He has transformed industries such as MRO, defence, motorsports, medical products, automotive and aerospace. Companies he has assisted include Singapore Airlines, M1, Sikorsky, Lockheed, Siemens, Parker, Cartech, United Rentals, and Spectrum Plastics by implementing advanced lean principles to significantly improve complex customer delivery systems.


Michael’s passion for coaching lean skills has enabled companies to improve their business results and grow profitably.


Michael began his career at GKN, where he spent over twenty years in global Operational Excellence roles. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Integrated Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University.

As a bonus, all event attendees will receive copies of Kevin Duggan's books at this workshop.

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Advanced Value Stream Design Workshop  - October 2024
Advanced Value Stream Design Workshop  - October 2024
Oct 16, 2024, 8:00 AM – Oct 17, 2024, 4:30 PM
Manufacturers Network ,
1 Adbaston Rd, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M32 0TP, UK
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