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Best Practice Manufacturing & Company Visits

Learn how manufacturers implement the principles of organisational excellence through best practice visits. Discover how you could benefit.

Best practice visits to leading manufacturing plants

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Best practice visits in manufacturing

Get expertise from industry leaders on our best practice visits to leading manufacturing plants.

You’ll visit incredible companies and connect with the best in the sector – talking to and learning from inspiring leaders. Sharing knowledge and exploring Lean Continuous Improvement manufacturing and Organisational Excellence lessons, ideas, and practices is a key part of what we do. We genuinely care about the people, processes, and organisations in manufacturing.

On best practice visits, you’ll get first-hand experience of how to apply the principles of organisational excellence and meet the people responsible for making it happen at every level. And you’ll be able to discuss the insights, successes, and opportunities they’ve encountered throughout their journey.

Best Practice Site Visits

We collaborate with several best practice host site organisations to deliver unique and memorable learning experiences. Our Best Practice Site Visits allow delegates to witness Organisational Excellence, uncover what’s possible, and engage with operational leaders and teams. Your team will talk with peers about lean deployment, cultural transformation, and sustainable Organisational Excellence.

Topics Covered

  • Welcome, safety brief, and introductions

  • Guided tour of the site operations, focusing on specific areas of interest

  • Site leadership presentation, typically encompassing vision, strategy, CI journey, achievements, learnings and more

  • Q&A

  • Facilitated working session to capture key observations, learning points, and takeaways

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of what “good” looks like

  • Expanded horizons

  • Establish the key factors behind the host organisation’s success, including: what worked well, what hasn’t, learnings along the way, and what could have been done differently 

  • Learning the principles, systems, tools, and techniques around organisational excellence and how they help to build a sustainable culture of CI

  • Generate solutions and ideas to takeaway and integrate within the business’ manufacturing strategy

  • Ability to make the next steps on the CI journey

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Enhanced understanding of what you can achieve

  • Create a vision for your own Lean Continuous Improvement Journey

  • Increased confidence and inspiration to apply the learnings and accelerate progress internally

Learning Time

  • One-day session, typically between 10 am - 3 pm, to allow for travel time

Who Is It For?

  • This programme is targeted at leaders, managers, and associates at any level who wish to obtain an external perspective and learn from leading organisations.

Delivery Methods

  • We deliver our Site Visits in partnership with host site teams, as well as an experienced facilitator from Manufacturers Network.

Upcoming Visits
Upcoming Visits
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Manufacturing and industrial study tours

Our study tours demonstrate first-hand how the principles of organisational excellence are applied in manufacturing. Learn from the best and get inspired.

Manufacturing and industrial study tours

We’ve delivered bespoke manufacturing study tours and visits all over the world, from Europe to North America and Africa to the Far East. We’ve visited pioneering companies and the most inspiring people. 

Study tours provide first-hand experience of how the principles of organisational excellence are applied across three or four different manufacturing and industrial organisations. You’ll meet leaders, managers, and team members to:

Workers at Warehouse Computer

Be inspired by seeing what’s possible with the right approach – even in an unfamiliar environment.

Gain insights into the factors behind success. What's worked well? What hasn’t? And what have they learnt along the way?

Improve your understanding of the principles, systems, and tools of organisational excellence and how they could work effectively in your business.  

Uncover solutions and ideas to integrate into your own strategy for success.  

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Keep up to date with the latest courses and discounts offered

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