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Train the Trainer Courses 

This Manchester-based one day train the trainer course is designed to help those that train people at work to become better at what they do best.

Train the Trainer Course

Trainers will not only hone their presentation and communication skills but also explore the latest strategies in adult learning. Training the Trainer will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to create successful learning experiences that cater to a diverse array of learning styles – so you can become better at what you do best.


Topics Covered

Course Introductions

This first module sets the tone and objectives for the course. Delegates will be introduced to one another and to us, building empathy and trust. Core topics will be discussed, too, including leadership and performance management. Plus, delegates will gain a better understanding of the themes of the course and how acquiring knowledge around these will help them to become better leaders. They’ll also uncover why their development is essential to both them and the company and will lead to enhanced business performance.

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Setting Training Objectives

  2. Characteristics of an Effective Trainer

  3. Understanding Group Dynamics

  4. How People Learn

  5. Learning Styles

  6. Planning your Training Session

  7. Type of Training Exercises

  8. Practical Exercises

Learning Outcomes

  • The characteristics of an effective trainer

  • Better understanding of group dynamics, how people learn, and learning styles

  • What to consider and how to plan a training session

  • Different types of training exercise

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Better and more confident trainers

  • More effective training of employees - better trained staff

  • More engagement from staff as trainers

  • Development of a standard approach to training, therefore making it more effective and easier to roll out - increasing the training capability of the organisation 

Learning Time

  • One full-day

Who Is It For?

  • This one-day workshop is specifically targeted at skilled, knowledgeable employees, current and new trainers. 

Delivery Methods

  • We deliver the workshop through a classroom session that blends teaching, discussion, interactive exercises, and practice application of methods and tools.


  • No assessment for this one-day workshop


Upcoming Courses 

We do not currently have a public Train the Trainer Programme scheduled. If you have six or more people that you would like to attend the training, we can deliver a Train the Trainer Programme at your site or our Head Office in Manchester. For more information please email us at

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