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  • Advanced Value Stream Design Workshop

    Advanced Value Stream Design Workshop Home / ... / Advanced Value Stream Design Workshop / In Partnership with Duggan Associates Book Ticket 16th & 17th October 2024 Manufacturers Network - 1 Adbaston Road, Cobra Court, Trafford Park, Manchester, M32 OTP, UK £1,850.00 Say goodbye to manual scheduling and embrace standard work for tackling abnormal flow Most businesses producing a high mix of parts are constantly firefighting as today’s mix exceeds their capability. This leads to management constantly intervening and scheduling every process in the value stream, leading to more chaos. ​ Our workshop will teach you how to clearly define your value stream capability in terms of mix and volume and how to apply design guidelines to establish a normal flow capable of handling any situation within that value stream. Once “normal” has been defined, delegates will learn to design standard work for abnormal flow and be able to create an operation with day-to-day variations in mix and volume that don’t lead to management intervention and firefighting. ​ This is based on clearly defined design guidelines, which can be repeated throughout the operation. There is no need for endless brainstorming and debate; just apply the guidelines and the simple math that drives them to generate the best possible flow for your operation. ​ Don’t miss this opportunity to master these techniques and unlock your operations' true potential. Enrol now to start your journey toward achieving sustainable success. Does your operation struggle with a complex mix of product? Is achieving a TRUE lean flow that can handle hundreds or thousands of part numbers a challenge? We can help. ​ If you’re having trouble achieving continuous flow or connecting all processes in a flow to create an end-to-end value stream, Don’t worry, this advanced Value Stream Design Workshop can help. ​ In collaboration with Duggan Associates, this two-day workshop offers a comprehensive start-to-finish view of Advanced Value Stream design. Learn to design a lean flow for a complex mix of products, even when you’re dealing with shared resources. The design process is repeatable while handling variations in product mix and unpredictable demand. Whether you’re stuck in planning, implementation, or somewhere in between, this workshop will teach you how to create a management-free lean flow in a non-repetitive operation. Get expert training on how to Create a lean flow with a high mix of part numbers and/or unpredictable demand. Establish a true lean Pacemaker and calculate the Interval for your mix of part numbers. Eliminate the need to schedule every process and shift to a single point of scheduling. Create binary lean connections using advanced FIFO techniques – Reduce dependence on Supermarkets Extend this flow into Shared Resources – i.e. into areas in which you cannot dedicate equipment to particular parts or value streams Create a management-free flow of products to the customer It is... It is not... High-quality technical education Immediately applicable and useful within your business A deep dive into the most technical value stream design concepts Solving a technical lean problem that most organisations struggle with and are yet to solve Effective without the need to adopt a new approach or philosophy to continuous improvement A forum with a broad collection of speakers A vast array of short sessions which only provide surface-level knowledge A networking event, although you will certainly speak with other attendees A sponsored event. Nobody is paying to speak; there is no additional messaging being directed at you About staying up to date on lean or operational excellence Agenda Day One - Creating Mixed Model Value Streams Day Two - Creating Flow through Shared Resources Determining true product families Creating continuous flow in a mixed-model environment Calculating takt time for a mix of products Machine Loading and EPEI for equipment Balancing labor for a mix of products Creating standard work for a mix of products with varying cycle times Setting up first-in/first-out (FIFO) lanes Developing pitch and scheduling the pacemaker Determining process families when looking at upstream processes Dedicating parts to shared resources. Setting intervals (EPEI) for shared resources Calculating branch takt time and average weighted cycle time Using multiple FIFO lane systems to create flow through shared resources. Dealing with rework Creating flight schedules to handle batch processes. Scheduling and sequencing upstream resources. Managing the flow through a shared resource The Facilitator Mike Maxon - Director EMEA, Duggan Associates Michael Maxon has spent most of his career successfully improving international businesses. He has transformed industries such as MRO, defence, motorsports, medical products, automotive and aerospace. Companies he has assisted include Singapore Airlines, M1, Sikorsky, Lockheed, Siemens, Parker, Cartech, United Rentals, and Spectrum Plastics by implementing advanced lean principles to significantly improve complex customer delivery systems. Michael’s passion for coaching lean skills has enabled companies to improve their business results and grow profitably. Michael began his career at GKN, where he spent over twenty years in global Operational Excellence roles. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Integrated Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University. ​ As a bonus, all event attendees will receive copies of Kevin Duggan's books at this workshop. BOOK 127 DAYS TO THE EVENT Advanced Value Stream Design Workshop - October 2024 Oct 16, 2024, 8:00 AM – Oct 17, 2024, 4:30 PM Manufacturers Network , 1 Adbaston Rd, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M32 0TP, UK Book Now

  • Manufacturers Network professional Manufacturing Specialists

    A diverse network of trusted manufacturing thought leaders and practitioners who share knowledge and build capability to enable sustainable business transformation. We understand that the manufacturing sector is the backbone of the global economy, driving innovation, creating jobs, and producing goods that meet the needs of people worldwide. We work with manufacturing organisations to get things done. Up Available Now Organisational Excellence Handbook By George Donaldson Buy Now Our approach is based on knowledge transfer, education, coaching, and dynamic peer-to-peer learning. Based in Manchester with a global reach, our network of manufacturing specialists are seasoned Practitioners and Leadership Coaches who have held senior leadership roles in the manufacturing sector. By drawing on our experience in the manufacturing industry, the Manufacturers Network will help you understand your organisation’s current state, clarify your objectives, and foster essential competencies in your team to drive continuous improvement. The preferred choice by leading manufacturers across the globe. Boost performance by empowering your people with a clear and relatable strategy, industry-leading education, and an environment to thrive. Assessments. To be effective we need to understand your current state - operational capability, people, environment and strategic objectives. We can then co-create a plan and move forward with deployment. ​ Find out more. Education. Building capability is critical to achieving sustainable improvements in business performance. We offer open courses and bespoke internal programmes from the shop floor to the boardroom. ​ Find out more. On-site Support. Building an environment for success is critical from making sure the tools and systems are in place and being used effectively through to embedding the principles, culture and behaviours to drive transformational change. Find out more. Resources. Top 100 Lean Books John Bicheno, an expert in Lean methodologies, continues to maintain and publish the definitive "Top 100 Lean Books." Find out more. Glossary of terms. Unlock the secrets of manufacturing with our glossary of terms developed over 40 years by George Donaldson Find out more. Organisational Excellence handbook An essential toolkit addition for a current or aspiring Lean or Continuous Improvement Professional. Find out more. Upcoming Events Advanced Value Stream Design Workshop - October 2024 Oct 16, 2024, 8:00 AM Manufacturers Network Register Now Contact 1 Adbaston Road, Trafford Park, Manchester, M32 0TP +44 (0)161 533 1617 +44 (0)7399 322 662 Follow us on LinkedIn First Name Last Name Company Telephone Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

  • lean Education And Development Programmes For Manufacturing

    Education Programmes For Sustainable Business Improvement Home / Education / Gain an Edge Over Competitors: Develop Your People with Industry-Leading Lean Manufacturing Education Boost Productivity Master tools and techniques to foster a sustainable high-performance culture Enhance Leadership Skills Develop strategic thinking and build capable leaders with our leadership qualifications Continuous Improvement Learn the latest lean practices to elevate your team's performance Navigation Lean / Continuous Improvement Lean Six Sigma Management & Leadership Shingo Bespoke / Private Programmes Lean / Continuous Improvement Programmes Lean / Continuous Improvement Programmes Lean training is essential for organisations. It equips employees with the tools and mindset to identify and eliminate waste, streamline processes, improve efficiency, enhance quality, and ultimately drive profitability. By embracing Lean principles, companies can optimise resources, reduce costs, increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and maintain a competitive edge in today's dynamic market landscape. Continuous Improvement Essentials This programme has been designed to build capability across the enterprise. It examines why a CI Culture is essential, how improvement can occur, and creates a practical understanding of the tools required to participate in improvement activities. Upcoming Cohorts: Starts - 16th July 2024 Starts - 17th September 2024 Starts - 12th November 2024 FIND OUT MORE Continuous Improvement Practitioner Programme This is a comprehensive programme for those who want to participate in or lead improvement initiatives. The programme teaches the tools and techniques to improve business processes and performance by reducing lead times, process variation and errors, and change management techniques that help to make improvements last. Upcoming Cohorts: Starts - 25th September 2024 FIND OUT MORE Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Top-Up This course is designed for those who wish to lead successful Six Sigma projects. It explores the DMAIC methodology and a wide range of Six Sigma problem-solving tools, including descriptive and inferential statistical methods, to achieve sustainable improvements. The curriculum also includes relevant Lean tools and key factors for successful change management. Upcoming Cohorts: Starts - 20th November 2024 FIND OUT MORE Lean Leader Programme An interactive programme that explores the fundamental principles and concepts of Lean thinking from a leader’s perspective. Reviewing what a Lean culture looks like, the role of the leader in developing and embedding improvement, and how this contrasts with traditional management methods. Upcoming Cohorts: Starts - 18th September 2024 FIND OUT MORE Lean Six Sigma Programmes Lean Six Sigma Programmes Six Sigma capability is critical for manufacturing companies - it provides a structured methodology for reducing defects and variations in processes, ultimately leading to improved product quality and customer satisfaction. By instilling a culture of data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement, Six Sigma enables companies to identify the root causes of issues, optimise production processes, minimise waste, enhance efficiency, and increase profitability. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt This programme provides an overview of the DMAIC improvement methodology and covers the basic tools of variation reduction, problem-solving and quality improvement. Upcoming Cohorts: Starts - 30th October 2024 FIND OUT MORE Lean Six Sigma Green Belt This course is designed for those wishing to lead successful Six Sigma projects. It explores the DMAIC methodology and a wide range of Six Sigma problem-solving tools, including descriptive and inferential statistical methods, to achieve sustainable improvements. The curriculum also includes a selection of relevant lean tools and key factors for successful change management. Upcoming Cohorts: Starts - 23rd October 2024 FIND OUT MORE Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Our Black Belt program equips participants to navigate intricate and impactful business challenges and opportunities. As proficient Lean Six Sigma experts, Black Belts demonstrate data analysis, change management, and advanced problem-solving proficiency. Beyond individual projects, they serve as mentors to Green Belts and are crucial in assisting senior management in implementing continuous improvement practices across the organisation. FIND OUT MORE First name Last name Email Company Watch Now Thanks for submitting! Management and Leadership Programmes Management and Leadership Programmes Management and Leadership training are indispensable for the survival and prosperity of manufacturing companies. Effective leadership ensures teams are well-guided, motivated, and engaged, driving productivity and innovation. With the ever-evolving landscape of technology, market demands, and global competition, skilled managers equipped with leadership training can navigate complexities, implement strategic decisions, and adapt swiftly to change. Moreover, strong leadership fosters a culture of continuous improvement, enabling manufacturing firms to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge. First Line Leader Programme This course combines lean manufacturing techniques with the interpersonal skills necessary to be an effective leader, giving you the understanding and confidence to lead your team to success. This programme is aimed at first-line managers responsible for keeping shop floor processes running smoothly and efficiently. Autumn Cohort Starts - 1st October 2024 FIND OUT MORE Coaching For Effective Leaders This course will give you the practical skills and insight to start professional coaching. If practised, you can expect to improve your performance and relationships with those you coach. Leaders can improve their performance and relationships with their teams. If coaching is encouraged across a company, the organisation will benefit from higher morale and, most importantly, the untapped potential, passion, creativity, and innovation of all staff. Upcoming Cohorts: 7th November 2024 FIND OUT MORE Shingo Workshops Shingo Workshops The Shingo Model, named after Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo, is a framework focused on operational excellence and continuous improvement within manufacturing organizations. It emphasises principles such as respect for people, relentless pursuit of perfection, and creating value for customers. Introduction to Shingo Webinar An introductory webinar on the transformative power of the Shingo Model. Designed to equip companies with the tools for operational excellence, this webinar offers an insightful exploration of key principles such as continuous improvement, respect for people, and creating value for customers. Discover how adopting the Shingo Model can revolutionise your organisation's productivity, quality, and employee engagement approach. First name Last name Email Company Watch Now Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop A dynamic and immersive learning experience designed to introduce participants to the fundamental principles of operational excellence. Led by experienced facilitators, this workshop provides a deep dive into the core concepts of the Shingo Model, including continuous improvement, respect for people, and creating value for customers. Ricoh Telford, UK Starts - 12th November 2024 FIND OUT MORE Bespoke / Private Programmes Looking for something more bespoke? All our education programmes can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. We’ll work with your organisation to find an educational solution that works for you. Education shouldn’t just be for fighting fire. It should future-proof your business so you’re resilient to whatever changes and challenges come your way. ​ Email: Call: 0161 533 1617 WhatsApp: +44 (0)7399 322 662 Follow Us on LinkedIn First Name Company Last Name Phone Email Please information about your needs. Send Thank You for your email. A member of the team will contact you.

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  • Charting A Development Programme For First-time Team Leaders

    Transitioning to a leadership role for the first time comes with its challenges. However, with the right education and mindset, you can excel. Here, we look at why understanding leadership dynamics, balancing delegation and oversight, and embracing feedback are crucial in your leadership journey. Understanding leadership styles Consider the leaders you've encountered in your life, like teachers, managers, and mentors. While each will have their unique style, there will be patterns in how they approach leadership. Specific styles resonate differently with distinct groups. Autocratic leadership: The leader is the sole decision-maker. They take charge, set the pace, and expect team members to follow without question. Although it might seem stringent, this approach can be necessary – particularly in high-pressure scenarios where swift decisions are crucial. Democratic leadership: Decisions are made collectively, with the leader acting as a facilitator, ensuring every voice is heard. This style fosters a sense of belonging and can encourage creativity. Transformational leadership: Leaders are visionaries, inspiring, motivating, and pushing their teams to exceed expectations. By illustrating what's possible, they drive innovation and change. Laissez-faire leadership: With this approach, leaders trust individuals to take control and perform tasks independently. It works best when employees are highly skilled and require little supervision. Understanding these styles is crucial for team growth. First-time leaders should assess which one aligns most closely with their personality, while remaining adaptable and recognising that different situations call for different approaches. Balancing delegation and oversight Leadership obviously comes with a lot of responsibility, and it can be tempting to try to control everything. As micromanagement can stifle team growth, delegation is crucial. But delegation isn't just about offloading tasks. It's about entrusting responsibilities, fostering independence, and recognising the strengths within your team. You need to trust that you've trained them well, their expertise, and the feedback mechanisms. Regular check-ins, clear communication, and setting expectations are essential in ensuring tasks are done correctly while also giving employees autonomy. Feedback and Continuous Improvement As leadership is dynamic and thrives on feedback, encouraging open channels of communication is critical. Create an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing their views and concerns. Remember, feedback is a two-way street. It’s through this mutual exchange of insights that true growth occurs. Moreover, it's crucial to act on the feedback received. Continuous Improvement isn't about being perfect from the outset; it's about recognising areas of development and taking proactive steps to refine and enhance. Leadership development with Manufacturers Network By understanding varied leadership styles, striking a balance between delegation and oversight, and valuing feedback, you can chart a robust leadership development programme. Are you ready to take the lead? Are you prepared to guide, inspire, and grow with your team? If so, booking a course in leadership development is an ideal first step to mastering leadership. To learn more or sign up for one of our courses, please contact us: Phone: 0161 533 1617 Email: Get in touch online

  • Essential Skills Every Team Leader Should Master

    Being a team leader is more than just having a title; it's about mastering a set of essential capabilities that can make or break your team's success. In this article, we explore the core skills that every team leader should master: communication, problem solving, and time management. Communication essentials As a team leader, your ability to clearly convey your thoughts, ideas, and expectations is crucial. Effective communication fosters trust, collaboration, and a harmonious work environment. Great leaders are active listeners. Pay attention to your team members, show empathy, and let them know that their voices are heard. This builds rapport and helps you understand their needs and concerns. Avoid jargon and overly complex language. Express yourself clearly so that everyone on your team can understand. Use straightforward language to put across your ideas and instructions. Regular feedback, both positive and constructive, is essential. You should also recognise your team's efforts and provide guidance for improvement – this promotes growth and motivation. Non-verbal communication, like body language, gestures, and facial expressions, plays a significant role in your interactions. Maintain eye contact, use open postures, and be mindful of your non-verbal cues to ensure you come across as confident and approachable. Understand that different team members may require distinct communication styles. Be adaptable to meet the needs and preferences of each individual. Problem-solving techniques Team leaders often face challenges that require quick thinking and effective problem-solving skills. You can leverage the following techniques: Break complex issues into smaller, more manageable parts. Think analytically about the root causes and gather relevant data before developing solutions. Encourage creative thinking and foster an environment where team members feel comfortable suggesting new ideas. Make decisions confidently and in good time. Evaluate the available options and consider their consequences. Collaborate with your team when problem solving. Different perspectives can provide insights you may have missed. Assess and manage risks associated with each solution. Ensure there are contingency plans in place too – a good leader anticipates potential challenges. Time management for leaders Effective time management is essential to making sure that you can balance your responsibilities and meet deadlines. Here are some key time management coaching strategies: Prioritise the most important duties. Identify and focus your energy on high-impact activities that contribute to your team's goals. Delegate tasks to team members based on their strengths and expertise. Empower them to take ownership of their responsibilities. Set clear, achievable goals for yourself and your team. A roadmap will help you stay on track and measure progress. Block specific time for different tasks or types of work. This minimises distractions and keeps you focused. Learn to say no – it's perfectly acceptable to decline additional tasks when your workload is already full. Overcommitting can lead to burnout. Master essential skills with Manufacturers Network Through these crucial abilities – communication, problem solving, and time management – you’ll not only become a more effective team leader, but also create a positive and productive work environment. So, take the initiative, work on these skills, and lead your team to success. To learn more or sign up for one of our courses, please contact us: Phone: 0161 533 1617 Email: Get in touch online

  • Building The Next Generation Of First-Line Managers

    First-line managers are pivotal in an organisation – they don’t just assign tasks and supervise operations; they shape the culture in which teams flourish.Here, we look at the collective journey of how first-line managers inspire, empower, and drive their teams towards unparallelled success. Identifying potential leaders Every employee can possess the spark of leadership, but it’s the subtle nuances that differentiate a true leader from the prospective ones. First-line managers are often the unsung heroes, quietly manoeuvring teams through the highs and lows, and acting as the bridge between executives and the workforce. To identify these leaders, it’s crucial to create an environment where each individual feels valued, heard, and inspired to show their latent leadership qualities. You must also have an innate understanding of leadership capability that goes beyond performance metrics. But what makes someone a leader? It's a mix of emotional intelligence, the ability to inspire, a willingness to learn, and the humility to recognise their own learning curves. They must not only acknowledge the triumphs but appreciate the journey of consistent growth. In addition, they should be able to build trust, collaboration, and shared visions within their teams. Training modules for new managers Becoming a leader requires education where learning is both enlightening and introspective. Modules need to be robust, dynamic, and intertwined with the unique aspirations and challenges of emerging first-line managers. These modules shouldn’t just be theoretical knowledge – there should be a blend of real-world applications and mentorship, alongside a structured pathway. Experiential scenarios will help them to navigate various challenges, from conflict resolution and team motivation to strategic planning and empathetic management. Continuous learning in management The journey of a manager involves dealing with organisational challenges, technological advancements, and evolving team dynamics. Continuous learning enables them to flex, strategise, and manage change in the business, ensuring their growth and fostering an environment where learning becomes a shared pursuit. It’s not just about attending workshops or obtaining certifications; it's about creating a culture that celebrates curiosity, welcomes innovations, and allows knowledge sharing to become inherent. Members see each challenge or failure as a new learning curve. Develop your first-line managers with Manufacturers Network By sharing stories of growth, aspirations, and continuous learning, it will inspire others to embark on their own journey of discovery and leadership. The experience of a first-line manager will be a journey where every individual can motivate and guide their teams towards unparallelled success and collective growth. To learn more or sign up for one of our courses, please contact us: Phone: 0161 533 1617 Email: Get in touch online

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    Opportunity to learn more about the Manufacturers Network and discuss how we can help you and your business.

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  • What will it cost?

    What about the things you need? New locations? Hiring new employees? Provide as many details as possible. After listing the expected expenses, focus on the exciting stuff: profits. How much do you expect your business to earn by the end of the year? And how can your investors benefit from your success?

  • The Basics

    Learn what a business plan is and why you need one.

  • The Presentation

    Now that you’ve got the world’s best business plan, learn how to share it in a meaningful way.

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