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A diverse network of trusted manufacturing thought leaders and practitioners who share knowledge and build capability to enable sustainable business transformation. 

We understand that the manufacturing sector is the backbone of the global economy, driving innovation, creating jobs, and producing goods that meet the needs of people worldwide. 
We work with manufacturing organisations to get things done.

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Available Now

Organisational Excellence Handbook

By George Donaldson

Our approach is based on knowledge transfer, education, coaching, and dynamic peer-to-peer learning.


Based in Manchester with a global reach, our network of manufacturing specialists are seasoned Practitioners and Leadership Coaches who have held senior leadership roles in the manufacturing sector.

By drawing on our experience in the manufacturing industry, the Manufacturers Network will help you understand your organisation’s current state, clarify your objectives, and foster essential competencies in your team to drive continuous improvement. 


The preferred choice by leading manufacturers across the globe.


Upcoming Partnership Network Event:

Advanced Value Stream Mapping Workshop. 

If you’re having trouble achieving continuous flow or connecting all processes in a flow to create an end-to-end value stream, Don’t worry; this advanced Value Stream Design Workshop can help.

In collaboration with Duggan Associates, this two-day workshop offers a comprehensive start-to-finish view of Advanced Value Stream design. Learn to design a lean flow for a complex mix of products, even when you’re dealing with shared resources. The design process is repeatable while handling variations in product mix and unpredictable demand. Whether you’re stuck in planning, implementation, or somewhere in between, this workshop will teach you how to create a management-free lean flow in a non-repetitive operation.

Boost performance by empowering your people with a clear and relatable strategy, industry-leading education, and an environment to thrive.  

To be effective we need to understand your current state - operational capability, people, environment and strategic objectives. We can then co-create a plan and move forward with deployment.

Building capability is critical to achieving sustainable improvements in business performance. We offer open courses and bespoke internal programmes from the shop floor to the boardroom. 

Building an environment for success is critical from making sure the tools and systems are in place and being used effectively through to embedding the principles, culture and behaviours to drive transformational change. 


John Bicheno, an expert in Lean methodologies, continues to maintain and publish the definitive "Top 100 Lean Books."

Unlock the secrets of manufacturing with our glossary of terms developed over 40 years by George Donaldson

An essential toolkit addition for a current or aspiring Lean or Continuous Improvement Professional. 


1 Adbaston Road, Trafford Park, Manchester, M32 0TP

+44 (0)161 533 1617 

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