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Continuous Improvement Essentials (LCS 1a)


Developed to enable learners to understand what is involved in a continuous improvement transformation programme. It gives learners a basic understanding of how improvement can happen and provides the necessary tools to participate in improvement activities. Continuous Improvement Essentials are prerequisites in our Continuous Improvement Practitioner Programme (CIPP) and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. What is the Continuous Improvement Essentials Programme? This course introduces learners to ‘Lean Thinking’ and various Lean and Continuous Improvement (CI) principles and methodologies. The continuous improvement training course teaches learners the tools and techniques to improve business processes and performance by reducing lead times, process variation, and errors, along with the change management techniques that help make improvements last. Course Content Review: Origins and evolution of Lean thinking and Continuous Improvement - Course introduction and requirements - The history of Lean and CI - Understanding the Organisation - Systems Thinking - The principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS) Lean and Continuous Improvement Concepts and Frameworks - The 5 Lean Principles - Plan, Do Check Act (PDCA) - Improvement Methodologies - The scientific method (Data-based decision-making) ​Core elements of Lean and Continuous Improvement - Customer definition of ‘Value’ - Defining ‘value-added’ and ‘non-value added’ work - Waste identification (TIMWOOD) - Introduction to the concept of ‘Flow’ ​Management and Leadership in a Lean Workplace - Leadership vs Management - Lean culture - Policy Deployment - Visual Process Control - Standard Work - Workplace organisation (5S)


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