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Continuous Improvement Essentials (LCS 1a)


This programme has been designed to build capability across the enterprise. It examines why a CI Culture is essential, how improvement can occur, and creates a practical understanding of the tools required to participate in improvement activities. What is Continuous Improvement Essentials? We recommend that everyone in your business participates in this course. It cultivates a unified culture of continuous improvement by aligning the understanding and execution of lean principles across all employees. This unity helps everyone, from the shop floor to management, work with a common objective: eliminating waste and adding value for the customer.​ Secondly, this training imparts the necessary tools and methodologies to staff, enabling them to spot and rectify inefficiencies, boosting efficiency and productivity. With knowledge and application of lean basics, employees can aid in cost reduction, quality improvement, and an increase in customer satisfaction.​ Finally, by providing lean training to everyone, we are nurturing innovation and ownership of processes among employee ranks, leading to sustainable competitive edges in an ever-changing market. Broad-based lean education creates a proactive workforce ready to tackle obstacles and capitalise on improvement opportunities. How is the course structured? One day in a classroom or online self-paced e-learning. Engaging, practical and interactive training that gives the learner everything they need to start their journey into continuous improvement. A final multiple-choice assessment demonstrates that the learner understands the essentials of Continuous Improvement. This is an accredited course, and the course content is structured following the Lean Competency System (LCS) Level 1A requirements.


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