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Tailored education to develop your people and gain a competitive advantage

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Education Programmes For Sustainable Business Improvement 

Gain an Edge Over Competitors: Develop Your People with Industry-Leading Lean Manufacturing Education



Master tools and techniques to foster a sustainable high-performance culture 

Enhance Leadership Skills

Develop strategic thinking and build capable leaders with our leadership qualifications

Continuous Improvement

Learn the latest lean practices to elevate your team's performance

Our education programmes are designed to enable your employees to continuously improve, innovate, and outperform your competitors. 

Our lean education and development courses are industry-leading, empowering your people to master best practices, discover new working methods, and foster a culture of constant improvement. As a result, your business achieves heightened efficiency, enhanced quality, better supply chain management, and a significant competitive edge.

In today's fast-paced world, attracting and retaining top talent is key to sustained business growth. Our programmes allow your employees to thrive personally and professionally, driving your organisation to greater success.
Don't wait for your competitors to take the lead. Act now and invest in your people's development through our exceptional lean education programmes.


Let's cultivate a smarter and more innovative workforce, propelling your business towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

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All our Education Programmes are delivered at our headquarters in Manchester or your place of business. We can work with you to tailor our education programmes to meet your specific needs. 

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Continuous Improvement Essentials 

Developed to enable learners to understand what is involved in carrying out a continuous improvement transformation programme. It provides learners with a basic understanding of how improvement can happen and provides the necessary tools to participate in improvement activities. Continuous Improvement Essentials is a prerequisite in our Continuous Improvement Practitioner Programme (CIPP) and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. 

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt 

An introduction to Six Sigma providing an overview of the DMAIC improvement methodology and covers the basic tools of variation reduction, problem-solving and quality improvement. If you’re seeking to become familiar with the language of Six Sigma and needing to contribute to Six Sigma improvement projects as a team member or process owner, then Yellow Belt is perfect for you.

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Continuous Improvement Practitioner Programme 

Designed to empower learners to apply a variety of Lean and Continuous Improvement (CI) methodologies, along with project and change management principles to deliver sustained process improvement. The programme teaches the tools and techniques to improve business processes and performance by reducing lead-times, process variation and errors, along with the change management techniques that help to make improvements last.


First Line Leader Programme 

This course combines lean manufacturing techniques with the interpersonal skills necessary to be an effective leader, giving you the understanding and confidence to lead your team to success. This programme is aimed at first line managers who are responsible for keeping shop floor processes running smoothly and efficiently. No formal qualifications are necessary, so it’s perfect for those with strong practical skills but little post-16 education.


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt 

Our Six Sigma Green Belt programme is designed for those wishing to lead successful Six Sigma project teams within their current role at all levels within the organisation. It explores the DMAIC methodology and a wide range of Six Sigma problem-solving tools including descriptive and inferential statistical methods in order to achieve sustainable improvements. The curriculum also includes a selection of relevant lean tools as well as key factors for successful change management.


Lean Leader Programme 

An interactive programme that explores the key principles and concepts of Lean thinking from a leader’s perspective. Reviewing what a Lean culture looks like, the role of the leader in developing and embedding improvement, and how this contrasts with traditional management methods. 


Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop

Delivered through our affiliation with The Shingo Institute, this Discover Excellence programme is a two-day workshop introducing the Shingo Model, the Shingo Guiding Principles, and the Three Insights of Enterprise Excellence.

The Organisational Excellence Handbook

This Organisational Excellence Handbook encapsulates a wealth of experience, combining industrial experience and academia. This book is an essential addition to the toolkit of any professional in the continuous improvement (CI) field or any professional looking to enter the field.

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Looking for something more bespoke?

All our education programmes can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. We’ll work with your organisation to find an educational solution that works, actually solving the issues you face. Education shouldn’t just be for fighting fire. It should future-proof your business so you’re resilient to whatever changes and challenges come your way.

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