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Lean Leader Programme 

An interactive programme that explores the key principles and concepts of Lean thinking from a leader’s perspective.

What is the Lean Leader Programme?

  • This interactive two-day programme considers the key principles and concepts of Lean thinking from a leader’s perspective.

  • The training explores what a Lean culture looks like, the role of the leader in developing and embedding this, and how this contrasts with traditional management methods.

  • It covers Lean principles and key concepts

  • It includes Problem-solving, the DMAIC framework, and key tools.

How is the course structured?

  • The two days of training are engaging and interactive with opportunities for meaningful discussion and reflection on what Leadership means to the learner.

  • Including exercises and breakout groups, there is ample opportunity to learn and be inspired by fellow learners.

How will the course help me and my company?

  • Gives leaders the insight and understanding to support successful Continuous Improvement initiatives in their organisation.

  • Helps Leaders understand their critical role in Continuous Improvement to streamline business processes, improve quality, reduce costs, and increase revenue all of which leads to a better bottom line, and happier customers.

  • Give leaders a sound introduction to Lean that demystifies some of the phrases and principles used in Lean and Continuous Improvement

This course is for 

  • Anyone trying to lead or support Lean or Continuous Improvement (CI) activity in their organisation.

  • People with management or leadership roles within any industry from manufacturing, to supply chain, logistics, service industries and functions such as HR, IT, finance and health & safety.

  • Employees who wants to progress with their own personal development.

  • The training is appropriate for everyone from first-line team leaders or managers to senior leadership teams.

Course Content Overview 

  • Introduction

    • Team Introductions

    • Key guiding principles of Lean and Operational Excellence

    • What is culture?  Behaviours and the key factors that drive them

    • Assessing your culture

  • People 

    • Creating the right environment

    • Leadership vs management

    • Leadership Styles

    • Growth vs Fixed mindset

    • Leader as a coach

  • Purpose

    • Doing the right things

    • Creating a common and compelling sense of purpose

    • Vision, mission and values

    • Strategy Development and Deployment

    • Project prioritisation/selection

  • Process

    • Doing things right

    • Promoting an improvement culture

    • Ensuring project success

    • Lean Management Systems: Visual Management, Regular Accountability, Tiered Meetings, Leader Standard Work

    • Recap, key learning points and takeaways


Upcoming Courses

  • Autumn Cohort

    • 18th & 19th September 2024

  • 08:30 - 16:00

  • Manufacturers Network, Trafford Park, Manchester

  • Practitioner: Chris Merriman

  • Investment: £750 +VAT per delegate

Reserve your place. 

Please complete the form, and a team member will contact you with a formal proposal. If you are happy to proceed with the booking, invoice or credit/debit card payments can be made. 

If you would like to discuss a private and/or bespoke programme for your organisation, please contact us using the details below. 


Call: 0161 533 1617

WhatsApp: +44 (0)7399 322 662

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