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Shingo Model Discover Excellence Workshop

Delivered through our affiliation with The Shingo Institute, this Discover Excellence programme is a two-day workshop which introduces the Shingo Model TM, the Shingo Guiding Principles, and the Three Insights of Organisational ExcellenceTM.

Shingo Discover Excellence

The Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop is highly interactive, with leading education insights, extensive peer-to-peer discussions and on-site learning through three Gemba visits at an excellent host organisation. 


The Workshop is a meaningful experience and your team will learn how to release the hidden potential in your business to achieve Organisational Excellence.

This course is the gateway to the other workshops in the Shingo series (Systems Design, Cultural Enablers, Continuous Improvement, Enterprise Alignment, and Build Excellence). If you’re starting out on your Shingo journey, we’d recommend joining one of our public workshops. For those seeking to transform their organisation with the Shingo model, we’d suggest hosting your own workshop on-site.

Topics Covered

Day 1


  • The Shingo Model

  • Principles, systems, and tools

  • What is culture and why it matters

  • Behaviours

The Three Insights of Enterprise Excellence

  • Ideal results require ideal behaviour

  • Purpose and systems drive behaviour

  • Principles inform ideal behaviour

The Guiding Principles: Cultural Enablers Dimension

  • Respect every individual

  • Lead with humility

  • Go and observe activity

Day 2

The Guiding Principles: Continuous Improvement Dimension

  • Assure quality at source

  • Improve flow and pull

  • Seek perfection

  • Embrace scientific thinking

  • Focus on process

  • Go and observe activity

The Guiding Principles: Enterprise Alignment Dimension

  • Create value for the customer and constancy of purpose

  • Think systematically

  • Go and observe activity

Feedback Findings

  • Understand findings and prepare host-site feedback

  • Deliver host-site feedback


Wrap Up

  • Summary

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a full understanding of Organisational Excellence, the Shingo Model, and key principles

  • Recognise how principles, systems, and tools influence culture

  • Understanding of how the Shingo Model can align and integrate with business improvement activities, leading to sustainable cultural change 

  • Appreciate how systems push behaviours and results

  • Learning how KBIs drive KPIs and how this triggers excellent results

  • Experience in using “Go and Observe” methods to assess real workplace behaviours related to the Shingo Model

Benefits to the Organisation

  • A stronger understanding of the Shingo Model and how the principles and systems can align to fast-track a sustainable culture of Organisational Excellence

Learning Time

  • 16 hours of classroom-based learning at a host site

Who Is It For?

  • This programme is ideal for leaders, managers, and practitioners who already have good Lean CI awareness, are involved in managing organisation transformation, and want a general introduction to the Shingo Model and its principles.

Delivery Methods

  • We provide this programme in a workshop-style event at a host site, blending teaching, discussion, interactive exercises, and “Go and Observe” activities in the workplace to put learning into practice. 


Interested in Booking?

Complete the form and a member of the team will confirm your booking within 24 working hours. Once the booking has been confirmed payment can be made via debit/credit card or invoice on 30 day terms. 

Upcoming Course Dates

  • 14th December 2023

  • 18th January 2024

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