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About Us

Manufacturers Network

Helping Manufacturers Combat Challenges & Succeed

Our diverse network of professional manufacturing specialists is committed to enabling sustainable business transformation. Our network comprises thought leaders and practitioners with a wealth of manufacturing experience and knowledge. Steadfastly believing in the global significance of the manufacturing sector, our mission is to help manufacturing organisations get things done in the most effective and innovative ways.


Our network fosters knowledge transfer, education, coaching, and dynamic peer-to-peer learning to ensure business sustainability and continuous improvement. Based in Manchester, our reach extends beyond the local to the global. We cater to manufacturing companies worldwide, aiming to enhance their performance by equipping them with clear strategies, leading education, and an environment that encourages innovation and productivity.

How We Operate 

Understanding your current operational capability, people, environment, and strategic objectives is paramount to fostering efficiency and driving continuous improvement. With this understanding, we can be more effective as we co-create a plan tailored to your needs and objectives.


Our team comprises seasoned practitioners and leadership coaches who have held senior leadership roles in the manufacturing sector. Drawing on this rich experience, we are perfectly positioned to help you understand your organisation's current state, clarify your objectives, and foster essential competencies in your team.


We are the preferred choice for leading manufacturers worldwide. Let us help you boost performance by empowering your people with clear and relatable strategies, industry-leading education, and an environment conducive to innovation and productivity.

Contact Us

We welcome you to become part of the Manufacturers Network. Let us work together to boost your organisational performance and pave the way for sustainable business transformation.


Manufacturers Network Ltd

1 Adbaston Road, Cobra Court,

Trafford Park,


M32 0TP

Call: +44 (0)161 533 1617


WhatsApp: +44 (0)7399 322 662

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