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Continuous Improvement Essentials 

Lean Continuous Improvement is defined as a method for identifying opportunities and techniques to streamline work, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

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Our next course date is: 14th December 2023

Continuous Improvement Essentials 

Developed to enable learners to understand what is involved in carrying out a continuous improvement transformation programme. It provides learners with a basic understanding of how improvement can happen and provides the necessary tools to participate in improvement activities.

Continuous Improvement Essentials is a prerequisite in our Continuous Improvement Practitioner Programme (CIPP) and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. 

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What is Continuous Improvement Essentials?

  • This course introduces learners to ‘Lean Thinking’ and a variety of Lean and Continuous Improvement (CI) principles and methodologies

  • The course teaches learners the tools and techniques to improve business processes and performance by reducing lead-times, process variation and errors, along with the change management techniques that help to make improvements last.

How is the course structured?

  • Delivered over one day in a classroom, or online self-paced e-learning.

  • Engaging, practical and interactive training that gives the learner everything they need to start their journey into continuous improvement.

  • This is an accredited course, and the course content is structured following the Lean Competency System (LCS) Level 1A requirements.

  • A final multiple choice assessment demonstrates the learner understands the essentials of Continuous Improvement.

How will the course help me and my company?

  • Those trained in Continuous Improvement understand the underlying theories and different methods that can be applied to streamline business processes, improve quality, reduce costs, and increase revenue - all of which leads to a better bottom line, and happier customers.

  • This introductory course allows learners to start supporting Continuous Improvement projects in the workplace and progress towards future Lean or Continuous Improvement qualifications.

This course is for anyone

  • from a manufacturing or service organisation who wants a proven, systematic approach to tackle business problems and inefficiencies.

  • involved in Continuous Improvement.

  • who wants to progress with their own personal development. 

  • This course is a prerequisite for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt  and our Continuous Improvement Practitioner Programme.

Course Content Overview 

  • Origins and evolution of Lean thinking and Continuous Improvement 

    • Course introduction and requirements

    • The history of Lean and CI

    • Understanding the Organisation

    • Systems Thinking

    • The principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS)

  • Lean and Continuous Improvement Concepts and Frameworks 

    • The 5 Lean Principles

    • Plan, Do Check Act (PDCA)

    • Improvement Methodologies

    • The scientific method (Data-based decision making)

  • Core elements of Lean and Continuous Improvement 

    • Customer definition of ‘Value’

    • Defining ‘value-added’ and ‘non-value added’ work

    • Waste identification (TIMWOOD)

    • Introduction to the concept of ‘Flow’

  • Management and Leadership in a Lean Workplace 

    • Leadership vs Management

    • Lean culture

    • Policy Deployment

    • Visual Process Control

    • Standard Work

    • Workplace organisation (5S)

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Upcoming Course Dates

  • 14th December 2023

  • 18th January 2024

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