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Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification

Our Black Belt program equips participants to navigate intricate and impactful business challenges and opportunities. As proficient Lean Six Sigma experts, Black Belts demonstrate data analysis, change management, and advanced problem-solving proficiency.

What is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt?

  • Black Belts possess the necessary data management and problem-solving skills to address complex and high-profile business challenges. These experts in Lean Six Sigma serve as coaches for Green Belts and provide support to senior management in implementing continuous improvement methodologies and fostering a culture of ongoing improvement within the organisation.

How is the course structured?

  • The six training days are delivered twice weekly for three weeks in an engaging, practical and interactive format.

  • This course requires a commitment to self-study and practice between training delivery days (typically 12 hrs).

  • Lean Six Sigma belt colours define the roles and qualification levels of its practitioners, starting with White, then Yellow, Green, Black and after many years of practice - Master Black Belts.

  • This course covers all requirements for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Qualification.

How will the course help me and my company?

  • Black Belts are trained to tackle the most challenging of problems and deliver substantial benefits to the business and customers. They are an enabling component of becoming an Operationally Excellent organisation.

  • Effective Black Belts are highly valued by the business and demonstrated success is a pathway to a senior operational or internal consultant role.

  • Enhances your business’ focus on its customers

  • Quantifiable financial and operational benefits.

This course is for:

  • Engineers, scientists, business analysts, quality professionals, process managers, change agents, and consultants are all eligible participants.

  • This course is designed for current Green Belts, Lean Practitioners, and Continuous Improvement professionals seeking to enhance their data and change management capabilities.

  • Completion of The Manufacturers Network Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a prerequisite for this course (Equivalent courses will be considered).

Course Content Overview 

  • DMAIC and Change Management:

    • Leading an LSS team through company-wide deployment

    • Project Management using DMAIC

    • Team support and facilitation

    • Opportunity quantification and business case development

    • Analysis of project and operational risk

    • Identification and segmentation of Customers

    • Documenting and communicating the current state

    • Creative solution development.

  • Lean Coach:

    • Recording the current process

    • Identifying obstacles to process flow

    • Coaching Lean: VA / Non-VA analysis, Muda (7 wastes), Batches vs single piece flow (JIT), Theory of Constraints, pull vs push processing, kanban, rolled throughput yield, SMED, Poke-yoke / error proofing and standard work

    • Process measurement

    • Visual Management

    • Future state mapping.

  • Graphical Data Display (Application and Coaching):

    • Measures and graphical representations of Central Tendency and Variation Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation and Range using histograms, box plots and dot plots

    • Data relationships, scatter plots, fitted line plots and matrix plots

    • Data segmentation and stratification, including the use of Pareto and pie charts

    • Process stability over time; Individuals and moving range charts.

  • Further Statistics (Application and Coaching):

    • Data planning and collection

    • Population and Sample Distributions

    • Sampling population/process

    • Confidence levels

    • Data relationships

    • Process Capability

    • Process stability (CUSUM)

    • Hypothesis testing

    • Measurement Systems Analysis

    • NOVA analysis

    • Design of experiments.

  • PROJECT Briefing:

    • Selecting, scoping and planning your BB project.


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