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Tailored education to develop your people and gain a competitive advantage

Customised On-Site Support Solutions For Manufacturers

Manufacturers Network is a leader in Organisational Excellence and onsite support, introducing change programmes to transform businesses' performance.  

Bespoke onsite support for manufacturers

Our Practitioners and Leadership Coaches have all worked in the manufacturing industry and been in your shoes. They draw on their experience and expertise to understand your systems, clarify your goals, and co-create a strategy to empower you to achieve your ambitions. With our tailored support, your team will develop the essential skills and knowledge to succeed – and make every day your best day. 

Our core capabilities are based on a deep understanding of the tools, systems and principles required to transform manufacturing businesses and deliver Organisational Excellence. We have a broad range of expertise that spans the strategic to the practical, and crucially, we understand how to link these together. 

Strategy & Culture - Embedding strategic and cultural change.

Much of our on-site support work is helping our customers achieve a more profound transformation by embedding the principles, culture and behaviours that drive transformational change. 

Systems - Bringing a systematic approach to excellence. 

We understand how to build effective systems which sustain the deployment of lean tools and ultimately help businesses to drive continuous improvements. 

Tools - Expert solutions in manufacturing tools and techniques.

Our practitioners are grounded in deploying and refining the latest tools and techniques, with an unrivalled understanding of engaging and educating shop-floor associates to deliver sustainable improvement. 

We don't have a fixed model we expect our customers to follow; we recognise that all businesses are different. Our approach is built on co-creation, investing time to understand and study your business to confirm its current state. We then work together to create a future state and a deployment roadmap on how we are going to get there. Our onsite support typically starts with an Organisational Excellence Assessment, followed by tailored variants of the services listed below. 

Our support services

1. Assessment

We recommend that all projects start with an assessment - subject to the scale of the project, we will either propose a full Organisational Assessment or a focussed Operational Assessment. We specialise in Organisational Assessments and have helped businesses worldwide truly understand their current state.

2. Plan

We take the results from our assessment and co-create a future state roadmap that aligns with your vision and strategic objectives. We build a detailed activity plan during this phase to achieve your ambitions. We don’t have a fixed model that we expect all our customers to go through, we will utilise our experience and bring to the table what has and hasn’t worked for our clients.

3. Do

Onsite deployment and execution support from world-class practitioners typically includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Knowledge transfer and capacity building through our education programmes with our Accountable Learning Framework

  • Support and develop system thinking

  • Practical application – through selected improvement projects focused on accelerating Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People (SQCDP) metrics

  • Manufacturing Visits and Study Tours to help lift the ceiling on what is perceived as possible

  • Coaching and Mentoring – Managers, leaders, and executives to help make change sustainable and not reliant on us

  • Internal and external stakeholder communication – often an undervalued step when deploying improvement programmes, change is uncomfortable for most of us, so explaining why, how, and the impact of the change programme will significantly improve employee support and engagement.

4. Check

Co-develop and analyse leading and lagging measures. What measures do we take to know if we are winning or losing? 

5. Act

What lessons have been learned? And how are we adapting and deploying a systematic approach to programme learning and improvements?  

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