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6P Organisational Excellence Model and
Business Benchmark Assessment 

An objective and detailed business assessment of your current state position against our own 6P model for Organisational Excellence, providing immediate and specific improvement opportunities.

What is Organisational Excellence? 

Organisational Excellence is a systematic approach to aligning and engaging all leaders, managers, and employees to the organisation’s purpose, mission, vision, values, and goals. Through this, the business can consistently deliver superior products, services, and performance to exceed the expectations of customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders, and the wider community.

What is the 6P Model?

We’ve helped more manufacturing companies achieve recognition than any other affiliate. Our practitioner, George Donaldson, led the UK’s only Shingo Prize recipient at Newsprinters Eurocentral and played a critical role in developing the Manufacturers Network 6P Model.


George, alongside our other renowned practitioners, has decades of experience and spent many years researching and analysing existing models. And this results in a holistic, people-centric approach to Organisational Excellence – also known as the Manufacturers Network 6P Model. The model centres around six key disciplines that we believe are key to agility and sustainable Organisational Excellence. 

6P Org Excellent Assessment

What are the 6P's?

People - Encompasses everyone within the organisation, from the shopfloor to the boardroom.

Partners - Involves customers, suppliers, supply chains, vendors, contract and agency employees, stakeholders, and the wider community.

Purpose - The business’ mission, vision, principles, values, strategy, and alignment.

Plan - The development, alignment, deployment, and execution of organisational strategies and activities.

Process - All the systems, processes, and practices that support the business and create products and services.

Performance - The measures and results that inform the organisation’s (and its partners’) decision-making, problem-solving, Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives, sustainability, and growth.

These six disciplines are crucial to the model, which focuses on ‘people’ first because they’re needed in the right jobs with the right capabilities, attitudes, and behaviours for the organisation to exist. ‘Partnerships’ are just as critical for growth and sustainability – built on trust, respect, and loyalty. Both people and partners must align through ‘purpose’ to understand why the business exists and its core principles and values.

‘Planning’ aligns with the business purpose and considers partnership needs to make sure that everyone moves in the same direction. ‘Process’ allows for effectiveness and optimisation, resulting in products or services, solutions, and CI. Lastly, ‘performance’ means measuring and monitoring what matters to ensure results and CI.

To reach their full potential, organisations and their people should treat all six disciplines systematically due to their interdependent and interrelated nature.  

What is the assessment process?

The 6P Organisational Excellence Assessment is a systematic diagnostic process specifically designed to help you understand and establish your business’ performance. Using the model as a benchmark for your organisation’s progress, you can recognise best practices, identify strengths and weaknesses, and prioritise or recommend opportunities for improvement. 

Our assessment rates your business’ maturity by the effectiveness of its systems, processes, tools, and working practices across the six disciplines, as well as through four specific lenses and over six stages of maturity. 

The maturity lenses we use to assess your organisation:

a woman smiling


We explore leaders, managers, and employees to understand how actively engaged they are – as well as if they’re empowered, developed, motivated, and given growth opportunities. This allows us to establish if individuals can achieve their full potential, solve problems, and improve your organisation. 


Instead of just assessing individual processes, we take a holistic view of your entire organisation to ensure that there are no barriers or silos. We also examine the impact of strategy alignment and CI throughout the entire value stream. 


We consider how long systems, processes, and tools have been in place, along with their results. We look at how they are sustained and bettered over time. 


We examine ways of working based on behaviours of leaders, managers, and employees. Plus, we pinpoint whether these behaviours are habitual and engrained in your organisation’s culture.  

Our maturity scoring model:














No one 







No where 







Not started 

Not started

1 year

2 years

3 years

5+ years


Not thinking 


Event based

Team based



Two highly experienced practitioners carry out the assessment across two full days on-site. Your organisation will be given a detailed report highlighting the strengths and opportunities observed. A feedback session is then arranged after the report is submitted, hosted by the lead assessor. 

How does the assessment process work?

There are four phases to the 6P Organisational Excellence Assessment:

Phase 1: Preparation

Phase 2: Assessment

Phase 3: Feedback

Phase 4: Ongoing support (optional)

Phase 1: Preparation The success of the assessment lies within the pre-assessment preparation. Before the assessment, Manufacturers Network will work closely with you to ensure that the site and assessment teams are fully prepared and aligned. We’ll provide you with a detailed preparation roadmap, highlighting key preparation milestones and the information required by the assessment team.

Phase 2: Assessment Our assessment is performed on-site by two highly experienced assessors across two full days. They use the ‘Maturity Scoring Model’ to evaluate your performance – in relation to the 6P disciplines and through our four lenses. We’ll explore your organisation’s products and processes to identify the level of understanding and engagement of the 6P model. The assessment begins with an opening presentation from our team, followed by an introduction to your organisation. Our assessment team then visits key areas of the business (identified in the preparation phase) and meets with various employees. At the end of the second assessment day, we’ll calibrate and provide a brief overview of our findings to your senior leadership team.

Phase 3: Feedback We’ll produce a report documenting our findings that align with the 6P Model, compromising identified strengths and opportunities for further improvement across the six disciplines. A draft report is available within a few weeks of the initial assessment. The lead assessor will host a feedback session following the final report to delve deeper into its findings, recognise your organisation’s strengths, and gain preliminary recommendations for improvements. We always suggest the senior leadership team and other key stakeholders attend the feedback session.

Phase 4: Ongoing support (optional) As part of our commitment to CI, we offer an optional session with our lead assessor to create a road map to translate the identified opportunities into tangible actions that align with your strategic priorities.

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