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Kaizen Impact Coaching

This is a 15-day intensive support programme spread over a five-month period.  It is designed to improve manufacturing capabilities and productivity, as well as providing the chance to build on your existing business networks.  

Next public cohort: 19th March 2024

Location: Manchester 

Investment: £3125 +VAT (a minimum of two delegates per business)

5D Lean Improvement Programme

A powerful programme of 5 intensive workshops, spread over 5 months, that builds the lean capability of participants
through a combination of simulations, case studies, coaching and real-world ‘doing’ in the workplace


If you truly want to learn more about how to apply Lean Manufacturing through making tangible improvements in your
workplace, then this is the programme for you.

What is the ‘Productivity and Capability Energiser (PaCE) programme’?

  • 5D programme is designed to achieve brilliant results and learning by following the steps of development,

  • Define, Describe, Deliver and decide, using world-class principles and tools that can be used forever

  • Each step considers the entire Operational System that must be aligned and optimised for sustainable improvement

How is it structured?

  • Each step is completed through a 3-day intensive ‘scrum’ with experienced coaches (15 days in total),
    before a following 3-week self-directed ‘sprint’ (5 months in total) to allow actions to be completed and learning

  • Learn skills are built and accredited through the ‘Lean Competency System’ as an outcome of the programme

  • The programme covers the ‘Fundamental’ elements of the Lean Competency System: 1a – Awareness; 1b –
    Diagnosis & Analysis; and 1c – Improvement & Implementation

How will it help me and my company?

  • The Lean Competency System framework is globally recognised, and accreditation can progress from Fundamental elements awarded in this programmme, through to Technical and Strategic levels

  • The programme is designed so that you ‘learn through doing’, with particular focus on identifying and delivering improvements with your companies:

    • Value Stream, through mapping and subsequently optimising the way you deliver value

    • Processes, with detailed observation and quantification of work and waste

    • Leadership, by understanding and typical Day In The Life Of v’s world-class requirements

    • Organisation, with particular emphasis on optimising the Span of Control for first-line leaders to ensure

    • targets are delivered

The programme is for anyone with

  • Challenging targets to hit, but the business struggling to identify further improvement potential

  • Complex problems to solve, as the business has not been able to achieve the required, sustained performance,
    from a bottleneck area or process

  • Improvement work ongoing that’s not hitting the bottom line, even though senior leadership are forward
    thinking and have implemented many improvement outcomes, including performance management boards,
    housekeeping audits and ‘go look see’

  • Aspirations to develop a genuine ability to ‘make things happen’ and improve themselves and their businesses

Programme content overview

  • Step 1 (3 Days) Develop your people in the classroom to:

    • See the Value Stream through using a realistic factory simulation

    • See the Process and how to improve it through developing standard work

    • See the Leadership responsibilities required to monitor and improve performance

    • See the Organisation and how it needs to develop as processes improve

  • Step 2 (3 Days) Define the current state, in the workplace through:

    • Current state mapping and visualization of Suppliers, Inputs, Processes, Outputs & Customers (SIPOC)

    • Active observation of work, with quantification of Value Added, Waste and Potential

    • Analysing a Day In the Life Of (DILO) of leaders to understand where time is spent

    • Clarifying the Spans of Control and Layers of the organisation in place to deliver value

    • Continued…

  • Step 3 (3 Days) Describe the future & plan with:

    • Future state maps that optimise the flow of value to your customers

    • Practical Problem Solving of the actual performance bottlenecks in your workplace

    • Standard diary design to optimise the DILO of leaders

    • Organisation design to ensure teams can be best supported to achieve KPI’s

  • Step 4 (3 Days) Deliver improvement

    • Focus on areas with the greatest return on investment

    • Make changes to create flow with support from coaches as required

    • Create Improvement systems to further accelerate improvement and grow involvement

    • Build coaching skills through coach education and practice

  • Step 5 (3 Days) Decide what’s next

    • Quantify achievements that have been made in KPI’s and Operational Systems

    • Qualify the team in LCS 1a, 1b and provide clear development plans for 1c

    • Prepare to sustain gains made in KPI’s and across operational systems

    • Plan to make further improvements in people and process capability


Upcoming Courses 

  • Delivery date:

    • Week 1 (Develop) - 19th - 21st March 2024

    • Week 2 (Define) - 23rd - 25th April 2024

    • Week 3 (Describe) - 21st - 23rd May 2024

    • Week 4 (Deliver) - 18th - 20th June 2024

    • Week 5 (Decide) - 16th - 18th July 2024 

  • Manchester and sponsoring business

  • Practitioners: Barry Williams, Chris Merriman and Vanessa Stanek

  • Investment: £3,125 +VAT per delegate (a minimum of two delegates per business)

Reserve your place today. 

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If you would like to discuss a private and/or bespoke programme for your organisation please get in touch with us on the details below. 

Call: 0161 533 1617
+44 (0)7399 322 662
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Kaizen Impact Coaching 

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