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Shingo Prize Submission Support

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Challenging for the Shingo Prize isn’t the end game for all of our clients. But for many, it provides a focus and recognition for the efforts of their people when deploying the Shingo Model.

Our practitioners and associates are uniquely placed to support organisations through the Shingo Prize Challenge process, having been through it themselves whilst working in the industry and supporting organisations as practitioners.

Our typical support includes:

  • Pre-assessments - 1 or 2 practitioners on your site assessing your site against the Shingo Model and providing a detailed report of the strengths and opportunities

  • Work with you and your colleagues to

    • fully understand the challenge process

    • Support the development of the achievement report

    • Respond to any enquiries from the Shingo Examiner team

    • Prepare for an on-site assessment from the Shingo Institute


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