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Organisational Leadership Programme

Updated: Jan 31

Our Organisational Leadership Programme is a unique series of interactive workshops that are designed to ensure sustainable transformation through exceptional leadership. Trusted by some of the highest-performing organisations across the world.

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Our workshops prioritise your organisational and leadership challenges, offering dynamic and hands-on learning experiences. These interactive sessions are meticulously crafted to eliminate confusing management jargon, ensuring a clear focus on practical solutions tailored to your needs.

Leadership Programme for Real-World Impact

Bid farewell to passive learning approaches. Our workshops encourage active engagement and direct participation. We are committed to delivering tangible takeaways that can be immediately applied to address your unique challenges.

Flexible Learning Options

Enjoy the Freedom of Choice: Our workshops are designed to adapt to your preferences. Whether you opt for virtual classrooms or in-person sessions, we tailor the experience to suit your requirements.

Virtual Classroom Convenience

Learn from Anywhere: Our virtual classrooms transcend geographical boundaries. Whether you're in a bustling urban center or a remote location, you can participate without the constraints of travel.

Interact and Engage: Don't let the virtual format fool you – interaction remains at the core. Engage with instructors and fellow participants through discussions, collaborative activities, and breakout sessions.

Customised Content: We ensure the workshop content resonates with your specific challenges, even in a virtual setting. The experience is personalised to maximise relevance and impact.

In-Person Excellence

Immerse in a Rich Learning Environment: For those who thrive in physical settings, our face-to-face workshops offer immersive experiences that foster collaboration and real-time feedback.

Hands-On Learning: Interact with tangible materials and scenarios, translating theoretical concepts into practical skills that you can implement immediately.

Tailored to You: The content is adaptable to your organisational challenges, providing actionable insights that align with your goals.

1. Rapid Leadership Assessment

The Rapid Leadership Assessment (RLA) has been developed following extensive research and experience built up over many years of working in or with high-performing leadership teams and is supported by academic research. This assessment aims to identify and develop the key characteristics that will enable leadership teams to move from “good to excellent”.

2. Management vs Leadership Workshop

The Management vs Leadership Workshop reviews the history, importance, and differences of both competencies and with your team, identifies the key activities and analyses the amount of time spent in each field. We will also explore the importance of purpose and how this relates to aligning the leadership team.

3. Organisational Systems Thinking Workshop

The Organisational Systems Workshop helps leaders to understand how systems drive behaviours and how behaviour impacts results. Focusing on how leaders design and improve systems, managers ensure that associate/team members and technology work efficiently in the system to deliver results. The workshop also explores the difference between open and closed systems, and formal and informal organisational systems.

4. Organisational Alignment Workshop

The Organisational Alignment Workshop focuses on why alignment is so important to achieving organisational transformations. This workshop will explore why 73% of UK Businesses are failing in their transformation efforts. Understand best practice policy deployment (Hoshin Kanri) and learn the four disciplines of execution and how to engage every employee in the process.

5. Organisational Coaching & Mentoring Workshop

The Organisational Management Coaching and Mentoring Workshop is designed to help leaders understand the characteristics, correlations, and differences between coaching and mentoring and how to create an environment where everyone can achieve their full potential. The workshop explores how leaders, managers and associates can improve effectiveness and productivity, make better and more informed decisions, enhance problem-solving skills, and build trust, confidence and better relationships through coaching and mentoring.

6. Creating a High Performing Organisation Culture & Teams Workshop (3.5 hours)

This workshop builds on the lessons learned and outcomes of the previous three workshops - to define ways of working to help build a high-performing leadership team and culture that can cascade to the wider enterprise. The workshop will explore three top high-performing team models, develop their own model based on agreed principles and values.

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