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Why is Continuous Improvement (and Continuous Improvement Education) so important?

Updated: Jan 30

Continuous Improvement (CI) is everyone’s job. You won’t often find it in an employee’s contract – but it should go hand in hand with daily responsibilities. Why? CI enables a growth mindset that then becomes part of the routine. People can overcome challenges and achieve more, with failure becoming an opportunity to learn and create positive change.

Read on to learn why CI and the role of education are so important.

Continuous Improvement: a lifeline for manufacturers

CI helps people learn from their mistakes and determine how to act differently next time. Collaborating internally means organisations can share lessons learned – ultimately driving better long-term results.

Our Leadership and Enterprise Excellence Coach, George Donaldson, worked with Newsprinters Eurocentral, the first UK organisation to win the Shingo Prize. During his time there, he learnt the importance of integrated teams to look at ways to reduce waste, improve effectiveness, and create flow.

But CI doesn’t just focus on developing one aspect – a systematic approach is at its heart. If you try to improve only part of a business, then only that part will improve.

You first need to establish stability within your organisation – even if this means drastically overhauling your company to create a culture of Continuous Improvement and a growth mindset. George decided to shift leadership and management roles at Newsprinters Eurocentral. Change starts at the top. You can’t implement CI without it.

How do you solve a problem like CI education?

You’ll likely know that CI has a high failure rate. That’s often because an organisation will make the wrong people CI leaders. But if they take the right people with the right education, CI efforts have a much higher chance of success.

That said, education doesn’t guarantee ROI. Investing in a generalised CI programme, rather than one specifically built for manufacturers (and led by manufacturers), may not provide the right education. Alternatively, the programme might be too time-intensive, disruptively taking people away from their jobs.

We’ve been in CI education for over a decade and have seen this first-hand. Manufacturers Network is determined to flip traditional education on its head. We raise the ceiling of what’s possible by taking the best senior minds in the industry and creating unrivalled opportunities to upskill and develop teams – specifically through redefining education. It’s never off-the-shelf with us, including our new Continuous Improvement Education Bootcamp.

CI education like never before

Our Continuous Improvement Practitioner Programme (CIPP) is relevant to manufacturers’ needs. It was created by and for manufacturers. Based on feedback, we’re delivering this Bootcamp in a five-day block, with ongoing support to ensure ROI.

By combining best-in-class education with coached project delivery, the programme provides a brilliant development experience and measurable ROI for sponsoring organisations.

If that wasn’t enough, George Donaldson (named as one of Lean Management Journal’s top three most inspirational individuals in Europe and key in Newsprinters Eurocentral’ Shingo Prize win) was at the helm in its development.

If your business has any team members looking to be involved with, and eventually lead, CI initiatives on-site, then trust us – this is the Bootcamp for you.

Become a CI pro

CIPP truly is a unique – and intense – Bootcamp. It’s accredited to Practitioner Level 1c of the LCS (which is equivalent to Six Sigma Green Belt). Plus, it’ll provide many business benefits, like improved employee performance.

The first cohort starts on 26th June. Get your space before it’s too late – sign up here.

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